Impressionen - Innenwelten in Außenwelten

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long time no see

die alten weiblein im wald

sollt wohl mal rausgehn
long time no see

all those hags in the woods

shouldn't I go there


Kay Tracy hat gesagt…

Come join me! :)

I love this, Gabriele.


LadyArt hat gesagt…

Dear Tracy,

yes, I will....

In my youth there were always people in the woods, mostly old women searching for something: herbes, mushrooms, roots, berries...
nowadays I will meet a jogger with earphones or a biker with distorted features climbing uphill along bumpy paths...
Now... perhaps I should go there to make somebody write a similar poem when he thinks of me looking back...


Kay Tracy hat gesagt…

We have a woods down the street. My husband and I love to walk the paths. We aren't allowed to forage, but I smell, look, and touch the bark of the old trees. It is a peaceful place. A renewing time.

I haggle for time
spent alone with the stream--
speaking to trees
with their soft mossy words
a bewitching hour

LadyArt hat gesagt…

...Oh, Kay,

much too late I noticed that you sent me one of your most lovey poems. This is a wonderful present. Thank you so much!!!

Best wishes